BMC 2018 modellen bekend gemaakt

We houden je graag op de hoogte van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen bij BMC. Hieronder vindt je de modellen die kenbaar zijn gemaaakt voor 2018! Voor meer informatie kun je altijd terecht in onze winkel en helpen graag naar het vinden voor de fiets van je dromen!



BMC Teammachine 2018

The evolution of acceleration
Do you seek pro-level race performance? The climbing prowess of Richie Porte? The explosive speed of Greg Van Avermaet? Backed by the confidence of a World Championship win, the prestige of a Tour de France title, and the experience of owning countless World and Grand Tour stages, the Teammachine is well-equipped to stare any brutal day of racing square in the face.

And yet, to win is not enough. Even the best must evolve to remain on the top step of the podium. At BMC, we challenge ourselves to improve, because to stand still – is to be overtaken. Our mission is to constantly innovate; to make the world’s winningest bike even better. By utilizing our own ACE Technology, we accelerated the evolution of the Teammachine by light years. The result is the pinnacle of performance in competitive cycling: the world’s raciest balance of weight, stiffness and compliance, perfected with maximal integration and Swiss design.

Now it’s your turn to evolve. You’re ready to carry on the winning legacy of the Teammachine; to face adversity with the confidence that your competitors are now racing against the very best. Experience the thrill of the race. Experience the new Teammachine.


  1. Integrated Cockpit System; Clean aesthetics, maximum adjustability.
  2. Asymmetric Tube Design; Balanced ride feel: stiffness where necessary, yet compliant where desired.
  3. Direct Frontal Flat-Mount; Proprietary, super-light brake mount solution for minimal weight.
  4. Core Stiffness; Dramatic Bottom Bracket stiffness for best-in-class acceleration.
  5. Ultra-Light Thru-Axle Design; Proprietary, super-light thru-axle and sandwich derailleur hanger to reduce additional weight.
  6. No-Gap Seatclamp; Great looks and extra compliance for long rides.
  7. D-Shaped Seat Post; Compliant due to its edged shape. Less material translates to less weight.




BMC Trailfox AMP 2018

The Trailfox AMP is for big adventures. For riders who love long distances and epic rides, who do two laps at lunch rather than one, who cram in twice the descents, and explore rather than wonder what's out there.

Its smooth power makes going up as much fun as coming down. It lets you wind around flowy trails faster than you realize, making you smile wider than you thought possible. Who even knew you could boost off a rock like that on your way up? Attack technical descents with the level of intuition that can only be instilled by riding an expertly balanced, fully capable, all-mountain bike.

With the Trailfox AMP we have developed a full-on, generation 2.0 e-mtb revolution. Its suspension system and frame design have been specifically created to maximize the e-mtb experience. It's still a Trailfox, because it delivers the legendary ride feel of our our EWS-proven full-carbon superbike - just amplified. Whatever epic ride you've kept tucked away in the back of your mind - that long trail, that killer enduro loop - amp up and go after it.



  1. E-Specific Geo Concept; Adjusted to the needs of an e-mountainbiker, to provide the full all-mountain experience.
  2. 650b+ Wheels and Tires; A confidence inspiring wheel-size to let you ride any line.
  3. Twin Hollow-core Tube Design; Hides the battery pack in the downtube while supporting a stiff front triangle.
  4. Shimano E-8000; A powerful drive unit made with mountain biking in mind. The Shimano E-8000 provides strong, yet sensitive support.
  5. Drive Unit Nest; Protects the drive unit from dirt and impact.
  6. Integrated Speed Sensor; Hidden in the rearstay and disc for a clean look and accurate speed measurement.
  7. E-Specific Advanced Pivot System (APS); An efficient, durable suspension system with an e-MTB tune that blends your power with that of the bike.
  8. E-Specific Linkage System; Strong and oversized, for durability and a precise riding feel.



BMC Agonist 2018

Race beyond the tapes

The Agonist is race-ready, and maybe you've even strapped on a number plate or two, but your biggest competitor is you. And you demand the best. Its fast yet balanced nature dares you to conquer long climbs, descend with confidence, and corner with control, while tuned APS suspension delivers the ultimate combination of efficient climbing and controlled descending - so charge as hard as your legs and heart will allow, and come back grinning... even if the only ones watching are the birds and the deer.

Our Big Wheel Concept is all about confident rollover, quick cornering, and intelligent frame design. Big wheels are perfect for any day, whether that means adventure, racing, or simply fun with friends. The Agonist's Hidden Shock Activation and full cable integration lead to a seamless, sleek design with an additional benefit: to protect from wear and tear.

From fast lunch rides with colleagues and scaling high peaks, all the way to a brutal day of racing - the Agonist is for those who like to test body against mind and muscle against muscle. Your side-kick for heroic days that are stamped on your memory.

  1. Hidden Shock Activation; A fully integrated, remote activated, rear shock lockout for clean looks and minimalized wear and tear.
  2. BWC Big Wheel Concept; Experience the advantages of bigger wheels: traction, control, rollover.
  3. IP Cable Routing; Prevents rattling, facilitates routing through internal carbon guide tubes.
  4. Integrated Protection; Molded downtube and chainstay guards keep the frame safe from impacts, in a refined design package.
  5. Mud Flap / Hidden Link; Hides all cables between the rear triangle and the main frame; keeps bearings clean.
  6. Multi Port; Lets you ride the bike with or without a front derailleur.
  7. APS Advanced Pivot System; Efficient and durable suspension system with an endurance tune. Supports you on the uphill while being fully active on the downhill.
  8. Low Standover Height; Confidence, regardless of rider height.


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